I Am His and He Is Mine.

We are committed to one another. My Grandmother use to say "Come hell or high water..."

There is something about being totally committed that makes you do whatever is necessary to make the best of it.

We could grow apart. We could fall out of love. We could fuss and fight, but that stuff just makes you  both miserable so instead (since we are stuck together for better or worse and til death do us part) we make extra efforts to make each other (and thus ourselves) happy.

I am not thrilled with football, but he is, so we watch together and I could grumble or just stay quiet (or even fake it) and he would still love football, but I choose to get into it and enjoy it for all it is worth.

He is not thrilled about antiquing, but he will get all excited to look down all the aisles for an old lamp I want for the bedroom.

Same philosophy for the bedroom, movies we go see, resturants, cruises, and many other "life" issues. God loves a cheerful giver...so does my husband and so do I.

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This is so true I try to do the same. However, what do you do when your sexual drive is less then his or vice versa? How do you handle this?

When you write all this it makes me very happy. Me and my husband were just like this. Lately things have gone really bad. We keep fighting all the time. I just wish it is restored back to the way it used to be. Life seems so meaningless with his presence. I miss him and I know he also misses me. But most of the time when we are together we end up just fighting...fighting...fighting

It's "H-A-I-L or high water." Not "H-E-L-L or high water." Grandmother was speaking strictly about the weather.

Lovely. Thank you for the reminder!

I remember a marriage counselor relating to me an experience. He said "I had one man say to me"I just don't love her anymore". That made me so angry. Love isn't something you feel. It's what you do. Feelings come and go but real love goes well past these momentary feelings."

You are lucky to be aware of how it works. I went through two unhappy marriages before I married the right woman 38 years ago. Ours is much as yours is but it is more because she knew how this works and taught me (by example).

I hope you have a long and happy marriage.

How long have you been married? .

My wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary this year. We were friends before we realized that we were in love and decided to get married. I think it is actually the friendship part that held us together. If you don't think you could be friends, you've probably not found the right person to marry.

Very well said. I couldn't agree more.

i find this so encouraging. so powerful. thanks for sharing

I like your post. I have expressed something similar to that to some ladies I have dated. Essentially as has been said, "I want someone to come home to", "I want to belong to someone", "I don't want to work late, I want to get home early". Keep up the good work.

I renenber a marriage counsellor saying one time "Marriage isn't a 50-50 proposition, it's a 100-0 proposition on both sides. Love isn't something you feel because feelings come and go. Love is what you do that reflects itself to others.


I think I learned this lesson too late in my marriage for it to be salvageable. But i envy this. And I truly believe now that life (and love) is what you make of it.. I was always told growing up.. that love is a decision that you have to consciously make every morning when you wake up. I never understood how true that is until my marriage was past the point of reconciliation. However, I still believe in marriage and being 100% committed to someone. I just hope I can experience (also can contribute) to this type of relationship in my years to come. Thank you for your story. It was lovely.

Blessings to the both of you. Your story is inspiring. I look forward to having what the both of you have someday in future.

Great thought ! Helped me to reconnect with my husband :)

That's really wonderful. I adore my wife but she says that she has fallen out of love with me. I think it's one of the hardest things I have ever had to hear. I would do anything to get that back but I don't know if there is anything I can do. Bless you for having that dedication to keeping it alive between you. I wish you both the very best, forever.

Commitment is a huge thing and its amazing to see people sticking to their commitments not because they HAVE to but because they love to be. I totally respect such relationships wherein one puts all the efforts to make it happen no matter how many differences one has.

Agreed, but there are times when we have stuck to our commitment to each other and we DIDN'T love to be doing it, we just did it because that is what commitment means. So far it has always brought us to a better place together, although not always obvious at the start.

Love your story ... you're so blessed

I bet your blessed too Cindy! Wink....

very nice
add me please

stay strong, and if you are ever sad look up 1 john 1:5 its a really good verse :)

A truly lovely story,almost identical to our marriage.Bless you both.,

Now that is a wonderful marriage! I wish mine was like that. God Bless you both!

What a truly wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, you and your husband must truly share a delightful love.

I so wish me and my husband could have what you do. Thank you for sharing.

I agree that God loves a cheerful giver. It's so easy to give to a person who is grateful for what you do. Im living with a family of ingrates.

How I wish my marriage was like the one you've been blessed with.

Beautiful, every Marriage should be like this, & even tho my marriage isn't perfect, we aren't far from it ;)

I definately don't envy you ... I am really happy for you .... I think it's how your raised I really do and your values ...... Men can't be so different <br />
I think it's the values that are imposed on them as a child, some men value their family their wives and some just get up go and start a new one cuz it's easier ....

INSPIRING! Thank you!

Marriage is a partnership and takes full commitment. I find your story inspirational especially in this day of throw-away relationships. Congratulations and much happiness!

She may not like them , but obviously accepts them ! She looooves u ... That's marraige!

Positive attitude is what makes everything better in every aspect of life.. Your attitude with your husband and his as well proved that marriage life is a shared happiness. I am very happy for you. If only all couples just do the same, the rate of divorce will be much lesser than it is these days.

What a lovely story. Thanks so much for sharing it. I make it a point to read a positive story at least once a day on EP. Helps me to keep things in balance.<br />
<br />
God bless you both.<br />

I had the most amazing husband, (burried him onFriday 30th September 2011 after he had an accident on the 21st and my sons went searching for him and only find out that he was in the morg in Bethlehem. ) We had our problems but we stuck together. Would have been married 34years on 3 December 2011.Made each other crazy, but not long and we were the best of friends. We looked after each other when one got sick, he was/is one in a million the most hardworking and giving person you could think of, I did not know how much untill I got all the stories and messages from his colleges and friends. He would get up in the middle of the night to go and help peole who needed him. Please just one urgent request, appreciate what you have, hold on to what you got, concentrate on the good qualities and you will quickly realize what a wonderfull person you have as a husband/wife. Tell each other every day how much you love and appreciate your other half. 'Cause when they are taken away from you so suddenley it does not help to think if only I had!!!!!!!!. I am still going crazy by the thought that he would not walk in here again after one of his trips. Sometimes I still imagine I hear his bakkie coming in the drive way, But I know he is at a better place now and waiting for me.

youre an inspiration! thanks for your story,and how many years have you been married?,if you dont mind my asking.

You are so lucky. Wish this kind of marriages are everywhere in the world. Life will be enjoyable for both husband and wife. God bless your marriage for many many years.

I agree TOTALLY! My husband and I will be married 19 years this summer. I think the problem with so many young couples these days is that they always put themselves 1st. THEIR wants, THEIR needs, without taking into consideration their spouse. I love my husband more than words can say, but I also do realize that marriage isn't all rose petals and sonnets. A real marriage can be hard. It is up to us to realize that we have promised 'to death do us part,' to stick our heels in and give it all we've got! There will always be tough times, but if you let it happen, there can also be some of the best moments of your life! (Right now, we on some of our best times!) You get what you put into it, and that saying works for everything in your life, marriage included! We can fight like hell, but at the end of the day, when all is said and done, we still love each other, and that is what matters most in this world! I will never leave him, and he will always be my #1 man! Maybe if the younger generation tried to put others before themselves a little more, there wouldn't be your spouse, don't leave them! I'm glad I have found the perfect man for me, and he's a keeper....come hell or high water!

lovely storry :(

Thank you for your post. I have so many thoughts and we have had many arguments and discussions all to end in a unclear request from me to my husband to do exactly what you so simply formulated in your post. Thanks for the right words!

well,all that i can say is after being together for almost 37yrs.and married for 33 of those yrs.though i think i understand what you mean,i must tell you that my beautiful wife and i still belong only to each other.and no,i don't mean that,even subliminally,as some sort of commodity.when i speak of it,i am speaking of our hearts and our souls and how with a true love,those things interlock.she is still in love with me amazingly so,and i think i love her in more depth now than ever before.i find a real wonderfulness in that.of course i am a romanticist,so this should be expected.

well,all that i can say is after being together for almost 37yrs.and married for 32 of those yrs.though i think i understand what you mean,i must tell you that my beautiful wife and i still belong only to each other.and no,i don't mean that,even subliminally,as some sort of commodity or ownership in any sort of way.when i speak of it,i am speaking of our hearts and our souls and how with a true love,those things interlock.she is still in love with me amazingly so,and i think i love her in more depth now than ever before.i find a real wonderfulness in that.of course i am a romanticist,so this ought to be expected.

Just the way it should be... I am actually saddened by the number of people that know my husband and I and envy us because our marriage is much the same as yours... and that they don't know anyone else who are that way. <br />
Every day I am thankful to have such a wonderful husband. I would turn the world upside down for him as he would for me and as we both would for our children. :) <br />
Glad to see someone has the right idea. Beautiful story.

real nice story,cute.i can tell you from experience sometimes it's 50/50 other times 80/20 but somehow it sort of balances out at the end of the day,if you know what i mean.after 32yrs. of marraige we're still IN love and i find that wonderful.every morning when we wake up we still look at each other and smile.it took a while to figure it out but finally we both realized that you don't need to worry about the nickle and dime ****.respect each other.care,ultimately just care.that person you lie down next to each evening is the best friend you'll ever have.and you know what,don't go to sleep angry even if you don't resolve the argument,kiss him good night.if you don't fully agree with what she says,hug her and kiss her.nothing is worth the isolation.<br />
congrats,Lainee happy anniversary and many more

It is great to have a relationship like that. My husband and I are very close and share a lot of things together. However what brought me to comment was the title of the blog: "I am his and he is mine." My first thought was possession and my second thought was of my brother in law and my sister in law getting tattoos of each others names on their bodies. I really believe that our husbands and our wives and even our children are not possessions. I think it is a figure of speech but I think also we believe it at a deep level especially when it comes to children. Way back wives and children especially were seen as commodities to own and trade. Perhaps it has never really left our minds.

It's wonderful that you've found someone who is willing to share your attitude and life with! Keep up the good work!

Lainee Lainee Lainee... I envy you.... not all marriages come close to that. I wish you both the best for many many years...

Here here, This is the part so so many never understand. I love my guy so much. And yes, he can drive me nuts at times but I do the same to him.

You made tears stream down my face. You are a blessing to people you don't even know!

Lucky lady :D

i love it, nice story lainee :)

I really wish it could be. I think of how happy the world would be if there was less divorce and more commitment.

I'm truly happy for you lainee. If only everyone's marraige could be like that!

That is for sure, the sad part is when one party has the right idea, but the other won't get on board with the right attitude or strategies. I know many couples who have one sided relationships. It takes two to tango, but it only takes one to ruin the dance.

Beautiful story. I think both parties have to be actively giving 100%. Marriage really isn't a 50/50 split.