Having a Problem Here...any Suggestions?

He is getting old faster than I am. We are the same age, but I am ready to go and do things. I had kids all my life. Now they are grown and I am free to have some fun, but he acts like an old fuddy duddy. I love him and do not want to do things without him, but I am not ready to sit and watch tv every evening and on weekends like his parents have done for 20 years.

Any suggestions out there?

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Ladies our age do volunteer work for a reason dear. We have the time, we enjoy the company, we have plenty of experience to offer. You would be surprised how much you will enjoy yourself. Bonus your giving back to your community.
Take a look around there are many out there that would love to have you From Hospices to Schools and everything in between. Depends on the size of your community how much you have to choose from

Join a Club, or group or some kind of association, get a small work to be busy.... :)

if that is your main concern than i would suggest talking to him. too much tv and sitting on ones bum isnt healthy for anyone. maybe you guys can work out a time schedule or something. that way he can spend more time being active with you.

My main concern is that when people get to a certain age and do not keep active, it goes downhill quick. We are far from old, but if inactivity becomes habit now....old will be just around the corner in no time. As a couple grows old together it is important to keep pace with one another or else they can grow apart. We do compromise and I totally agree that that is important. I just do not want him to get too use to doing nothing.

i think marji has a good point. you have to work together. sometimes just sit back and watch tv with him. and at other times he can get off his butt and do the things you like. <br />
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and at other times, while he is watching tv, that is a good opportunity to do the things that you like to do without him. there is nothing wrong with a little healthy alone time. <br />
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and i like justsomeguys tivo idea. i've been planning to get one myself so my husband doesnt miss out on his car racing, while we go out during the day.

I see so many people who regret the lives they have made for themselves after it is too late to make the changes. I will be happy regardless of his choices...but happier if he makes the ones that will make him happy.

Oh even if they don't...I will still be one of the happiest people on earth :)

Thanx, you have given me some great ideas...at least a start:} God Blees you

aw, come on, can't you think of anything that might help?