First Kiss

My husband and I been married for over 7yrs. Now! But I can honestly still remember our first kiss!! Our wedding day May 18,2003. The day we kissed for the very first time was that same day! We dated for 7 and a half months. We never kissed, held hands, or touched in any real intimate way. This is how we chose to do it. And 7yrs down the road I still don't regret it. I always heard True love waits.. Well I believe that w/ my whole heart. I married at 17 yrs old and being technically still a teenager and doing it this way is truly a God thing because the at that age the world tells us "Omg! You can't marry him w/out trying him out first!" Well our wedding night was awesome. And still to this day I can turn to my husband and say,"kiss me like you did on our wedding day." And he will !!
It is possible to marry young and MAKE IT, to marry pure,& to do it the way it was intended to be:)
No I wasn't perfect, I wasn't a virgen but I truly believed that God had made me a new person. And my husband believed that too.
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Hi Solia! Thank you for reading :) <br />
Well well well, *next month*we will Be married ~8~ yrs!! I am so excited! How r we?..we are still happily married <3 thank God:) lol.Its still fun to just be alone and hold hands and laugh and talk just the two of us...but of course that can be difficult to do sometimes with 2 kids lol. So I guess that's something that's changed, with 2 kiddos it can be hard at times to realize that hey your not only parents but we are still lovers!! So I admit we do need more date nights! To get away for a little bit and remember why we married in the first place u know.. and so yes there are times when you get in such a routine that itcan feel boring but that's not because the marriage is boring its because WE get boring! <br />
But I can still remember that first kiss lol.<br />
And I know God has great plans for our future so that encourages me! :)<br />
Divorce IS NOT an option in our marriage so knowing that, than you know that no matter what we will fight for our beautiful marriage ......even when its not so beautiful. ;)

Yea you! I loved reading your love story and how it all began. How are you doing now? What do you love most about your marriage today? Has anything changed (deepened or waned, etc) since you wrote this story? Please fill us in ok?

Aww thank you so much!!<br />
Its good to know that God gave me a Real man.. One I would have never thought exited when I was only 15.