My True Love

Wow! I'd follow him any where. Beyond the universe if he asked me. It's a funny story how we met.
I deliver newspapers in his parents nieghborhood which is where he lived at the time. A friend came along one night to help she noticed he's an ICP fan and she wanted to leave a note i told her not to. The next night as I stop to deliver she jumps out and puts her pre written note on his car. He calls the next day and we meet him the next night at a local bar. My friend, me, my soon to be ex-husband (at the time), and him all meet up. I was an extremely shy person at the time and rarely spoke to ppl. I knew it was him as soon as he came in his smile it pulled me in. I couldn't stop talking to him or looking at him the whole time. Something about him man. Him and I talked more that night then the rest of our little group. He was nice, but my friend was trying to hook up and I was at the start of my divorce. Within two weeks he asked me to the bar one night me being who I was asked if he wanted me to bring my friend from what she was telling me they were hitting it off. Come to find out they weren't and she was talking with other ppl so I went and met up with him. After 3 years almost 4 we are married. It's been the best time off my life. Funny how things start. I love him and would do anything for him and vise versa.
juggalett juggalett
26-30, F
Jul 22, 2010