Loving My Husband But Feeling Lonely

Hi Everyone:
I am a latino woman in love of a wonderful man, he is perfect for me when i need to do a project, when i need help with the kids, when i need help in the house, but when I need to make love, I look for him, and I can never find him, he is never in the mood, he is tired, he just never into sex.... is this normal?
I feel that, i keep my self in shape and try to look good for him.
But nothing happend is almost a torture for him when i ask for sex, I feel so stupid, many man out there just wanting to make love with someone like me.
I use my vibrator, but this is not enought for me, always asking for affection and passion that I will never get. Why is that.........is cultural, what makes us diferent? he is caucasian,im latino. Is thats why? he said I can not keep up with you honey.....that depresing. I dont get what I want..
Traveling is part of his job, and he loves his job more that sex, that is what i feel..... what is going one is this is what marriage after 9 years turn into.
When I said to him, honey we are growing a part, the only thing he said is I love u very much.
Is that a normal way of loving someone with not sex included at all.
Causeling in a no on him, he does not belive in this, for me lonely is what I feel......................
Any comments, will be great appriciated!
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Possibly low testosterone. See if he would see his doctor.

He might have low testerone, or depression or just a regular low-libido. If you are aggressive and he is a detached person this might also be reason. Just throwing out ideas, I don't know what is true for you.

Sexless marriage must be a problem.<br />
Maybe you and your lover should go to see a shrink to get some professional suggestion.<br />
It's not only the sex problem. You should try to find the deep reason why he won't have the normal sexual life with you in your marriage. <br />
Please take it a little easy.I feel alone in marriage life sometimes too.Try to learn how to enjoy just with yourself a little,that's really helpful.

i am also latino, in buenos aires argentina

he is seeing another woman for sure, ask him this. love Martin