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My husband and I have been married for 7 months. He was 22 when we got married and I was 19. Yes, we're young and in love!

Our story is a bit silly.  I just moved to North Dakota from Oregon. My dad got a job at a university here, and I decided I would also attend the university and live with my parents. Within the first week of moving my family was invited to a "staff and family picnic." My dad's employee's family came as well. Her son, Mike, sat next to me during our meal. I was only 18, and he was junior in college. I could tell he was interested, but I kept thinking to myself, "he's too old!"  We had a really fun dinner together, and then he invited me out on a date. I bombed the date. I was too shy and quiet. We couldn't think of much to say to each to each other.  The other problem arose: I was Catholic and he was protestant. He tried dating a Catholic girl one time and it was a really bad experience for him. He swore never to date another Catholic.

For a year he ignored me. We saw each other around campus quite a bit. I was friendly with him, but he didn't want to talk to me. I was really confused, but I gave up on him and ended up dating someone else. Well, that relationship was terrible and abusive. I needed help badly. Mike's mom asked Mike to drop something off with my dad at our house, and when Mike stopped by dad asked him to go downstairs and talk with me. I was in tears. My boyfriend was mixing drugs and alcohol and trying to hurt himself-- I was torn up beyond belief. Mike sat next to me, held me, listened to me, and cheered me up. As I poured my heart out he learned a lot about me.  After a while he asked if I would help him fold his programs for his upcoming senior piano recital. I helped him fold them, letting us chat a lot more. At the end of the night he gave me the best hug I have ever had in my life. I thought to myself, "If this what love is like, then I never want to leave this man." We kissed that night, which was a surprise to both of us.

It was a struggle, but I dumped he boyfriend for Mike. We dated for two and a half months. I helped him move into two new houses, helped him with future plans, helped him with his portfolio for getting a teacher's license and graduation, and lots more. I had to pay him back for helping me recover from the worst relationship of my life. We grew super close. In fact, it was hard for us not to be together. Mike admitted to me that the reason he ignored me for the year was because his mom kept telling me that "She's the one!" When your mom tries to hook you up with someone it's only natural to avoid that person.

We got engaged really quickly.  We talked it out a lot. We both thought we were too young and it was too soon, but if we didn't get married there was the possibility that we couldn't stay together. He was planning to move away for grad school and I was stuck here to finish my degree. Both of our parents encouraged us to get married. To our surprise, they nearly begged us to marry. So we got married.  It has been the best thing we've ever done!

We're best friends, have very similar goals, are very interested in each other's interests, like to eat similarly, are both willing to move to any other state at any other time, and both want children when the time is right. Remember how I said that he would never date a Catholic again? He's learned that Catholics aren't all bad. Though he'll probably never be Catholic, he's learned to respect my faith a lot. I've learned to respect his a lot. We've found that our differences are so minor that it doesn't matter. 
Sure, we've had our annoyances with each other. Sure, we've been upset with each other. Sure, he's crushed a few of my hopes. It's normal, though. I've done the same to him. We've never gotten into a full argument where we too angry with each other to actually work anything out. We're both really good listeners.

Amazing, isn't it? I love my husband!
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