My Husband My Best Friend

My husband and I met in the mental health hospital. He suffers from schizophrenia, an dI was suffering from depression. I was sitting alone at a table, and he came over to me and asked me to marry  him. I told him, No, I am never getting married. He made me a cassette tape of his own singning & playing his guitar to songs on the radio. I accepted it, but still no sparks! He was already in the day program, but I wasn't. When they told me I had to go there, he came over to me and told me it wasn't so bad, and he would help me get adjusted to it. Out on the lawn we played mini golf with another patient. So we actually did a lot of things together while in hospital, but still we were only acquaintances and not friends.
I got out of the hospital and was in the day program for nearly a year. My husband was still in the day program. A job became available at the mental health drop in centre, and I encouraged him to apply because he would be great with the clients. He got the job! It was fair time in our city. I worked until 6pm, and he got off at 9. The 2 of us went to the fair for 4 days in a row, just walking around and talking. Prior to this we had attended a youth missions conference together, where we were on the same team, and we sat together for the services. Neither one of us wanted to go roller skating so we walked to the mall and walked around there. On the way back to the roller rink, he bought me a slurpee! On the way home from the conference I stole looks at him in the rear view mirror of the car.
The 2 of us attended the same church, and I was the driver. I sat with him in the front. Once I became interested in him, I started sitting at the back and just watching him from a distance. The ladies of my church had my wedding all planned to Mr. Right, who would come walking through the church doors and sweep me off my feet. Little did I know but Mr. Right was already in church & rode weekly in my own car!
After the fair, we became close and went on several dates.  One day he asked me what special day I liked to celebrate, and I told him the day my mom was born, March 27th. Next thing I knew, he had a date planned for that night. We went to a Chinese restaurant, ordered, and ate, and nothing happened. I went to the washroom, and when I came back, there was an envelope where my plate had been. I opened it, and inside was a beautiful card. I loved the words on the outside, and when I opened the card, all I could see were the words at the bottom hand written by him, "HAPPY ENGAGEMENT"! I looked at him and asked if it was true. He got down on his knees and proposed right there in the restaurant. I said YES!
That special night was 18 years ago. We have celebrated it every year. We celebrate our anniversary every month on the day we were married.
Yes, I married my best friend! We are so much in love! We were told to have 3 in our marriage...God 1st, spouses 2nd, and we do. How thankful I am that we met in the mental health hospital! Thanks to God we were brought together & stay together.
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That is sweet :)

Thanks Petfish!


Thanks Perseverer & Neetztk! Your words bring tears to my heart! We are so blessed to meet you through experience project! My husband and I really appreciate your kind words!

<3 felt so happy reading this <3 God Bless you Both !

Oh my! This beautiful love story has brought tears to my eyes! May God continue to bless your love and give you many, many happy years together.