I Love My Husband!

This man is the love of my life, my lover, my protector, my defender, my hero. He has made me feel beautiful on my ugliest days, voluptuous on my fattest days, smart on my dumbest days, encouraged on my most hopeless days. He has loved me selflessly when I was my most selfish. He has remained mature when I was at my most childish. He has headed off to brave the snow and ice while I have slept warmly in our bed so that I could be comfortable and well cared for. He has taken out trash, mowed the grass, cleaned up my dogs messes, and, rocked me in his arms when I was scared or sad. Decade after decade he has decorated my life with warmth, smiles, laughter, and optimism. He has been a devoted, unconditional, attentive, fun loving father and family man who works hard but doesn't put his work above his family life. After thirty years, I am still wild about the man and I cannot wait for him to come home each evening and be my lover, (if we don't fall asleep, we aren't kids you know)   
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6 Responses Jun 23, 2011

very nice
add me please thanks

Wow I wish I had a lot of this

very nice add me please thank you

its wonderful to hear some positive press for marriage. I am happy for you both, long may your love last.

That is so beautiful. I hope it never changes. I am mega happy for you. Big smiles!

I am soooooooooooo envious!!! :)