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I love my husband with all I got and then some but his family just plain sucks... So my son will be 2 on May 1st so we decided to Baptism my one son and have a 2nd birthday party for my other son well my parents are being so great they are paying for this lady to come to the house and make brunch and what not and serve people which we told my mom not to but she said that this was there gifts to my sons.. But now they are giving us savings bonds for my son for his baptism and for my 2 y/o bought this huge play thing that will stay at grandma and papas but still this is so great. My husband and I dont have the money to do all of this for them so they are doing it. When my husband called to say that we are having this party for the 2 kids they first said of course we are coming cause his sister is the godmother and his brother is the godfather.. Well now forget about it they cant come and his father isnt coming cause no one else is coming. Are you kidding me this is ridiculous to me. I mean I was 7 months preggos and drove 12 hours to be not just at her wedding but to be in it.. I cant stand them. I just wish they were somewhat close to the way my family is not just for my kids but for my hubby he is so embarrassed by them it isnt even funny.. Thanks for letting me vent...

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My mother in law was killed in 03 by a drunk driving. So I am not including her in this post but this is for my father in law and sister and brother in law..

I am sorry for all of you. I thought my mother-inlaw was bad, she is nothing compared to your stories. It is not fair to your kids that they do this. its a shame

I know kind of how you feel. My mother-in-law is psycho. Ok one example of this is this past christmas. Every eyar for christmas my family has this huge celebration and the whole family comes and eats. But i had just had the girls and so my grandparents said that instead of Joe and I making the 6 1/2 hour ride up to West Virginia they would come down for the weekend before Christmas and would take us out to dinner. We were very excited. When Joe's mother heard that we were not going up to West Virginia she said that she would at first bring down presents for us, because his family is Jewish and doesn't celebrate christmas. Then she told us that her sister was having a christmas party and that we were invited to come. I was very happy about this becasue I knew my husband wanted to see his family. Well the day of this party Joe and I get into this massive fight and we decide that we aren't going to go. He calls his mom and tells her not to be expecting us. I still wanted to go to the party but he was being stubborn so i decided to call his mother and ask her if we could still go. I am in the middle of getting my hair done for this party when she calls me and tells me that we are no longer invited and that until i start treating her son better she and her family want nothing to do with and she wants nothing to do with girls because she already has enough family. She then tells me that she had planned on giving us $1000 for christmas but since we weren't there she isn't doing it anymore and she is taking me and the girls out of her will. All because I didn't come to her stupid Christmas party. The to top it off she had Joe's sisters bring his christmas presents and the girls presents because she couldn't take them back and instead of giving the ones with my name on them she gave my gifts to Joe. I didn't get to go to my families christmas party but they still brought our gifts and didn't say anything to Joe. She didn't even let me explain about anything. I just sat there in the beauty chair and balled my eyes out. So I feel your pain on the mean and angry in law family.

When I was married, my mother in law was worse than the wicked witch! When she found out I was pregnant, she kicked me out of her house since me and my ex were living with her at the time.<br />
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It's sad that your in laws are this way. You would think they'd want to see their grandkids. If it's any consolation, my dad hardly visits my son. He's probably only seen him a handful of times, if even that, and my son's 4 years old.<br />
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Hope things work out for you.<br />
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yeah I can understand that... they didnt even come to see me in the hospital or to the house.. We had to go to them when my son was about 4 months old.. Now that my second son is born it is the same **** and guess what I am not playin that game anymore... If they want to see my kids they can come to the house if not then it is there lost.. Dont get me wrong we all get along but they just dont get it..

I so understand, I have been married for almost 16 years and have never been to my in-laws... I have only seen my mother n law less than 10 times... don't get me wrong she likes me... just doesn't like being around people... my children don't know his family... i have met one of his brother whom i cannot stand... and i have actually been to his sisters and spoke to her on the phone... but they have never been to a birthday party, or even been to my home ever.. when our son was born they came to the hospital and was at my home for about 1 hour and have never been back to any of my residences... nice huh...