The Much Older Man

I met my husband 2 years ago. Its funny how we met and this will probly be a long story so here goes..... Rick was living with my exboyfriend as a roommate and he also happened to be best friends with this guy. Well things between me and my ex got really bad from the start and Rick was there as a friend to lend support and let me know how this guy really was towards women. Well one night I was staying over and my ex had fallen asleep pretty early and Rick was there and we got to talking. I found out he was 38 divorced with three kids. I was thinking there is no way he would go after me I was 22 with a 2year old at home. Well the night wore on and on and before I know it we started to kiss adn ended up sleeping together. We promised to never say a word to his friend/my ex. I really dont know what possessed me to sleep with him. Rick is handsome in is own way and very funny. Well i broke up with my ex and a few days later me and Rick went on our first date to the movies and we have been inseperable since. Last Nov we decided to get married and believe me I had to work on him a little bit cuz his first marriage ended really badly and he was not able to see his kids for the longest time. So its now May and we have had no honeymoon and our wedding was at the courthouse which in a way was ok for me but some days i still dream of the big wedding with the white dress and the whole shebang but I'm content to just have gotten married to him. He has accepted my daughter as his own and his kids are ok towards me but they resent me in so many ways and I have yet to figure it maybe one day when they are adults we can have a talk about that but for now we are just content living day to day and trying to make ends meet as we are looking for place together. We have been rooming with his friends since we got married and its been tough but I am not able to go back to work yet due to my car accident a few weeks ago......So we will see how things go in the next few months.

breesmomma breesmomma
22-25, F
May 8, 2008