I Love This Man

After 8 years of being married I can truley say I love my husband. The road has been ruff and I have wanted to leave a many of times but I have been blessed to have others around me to let me know it's not just my husband he's a man. The more I have come to understand this I have been able to grow. He has always been good to me and a great father. I would not trade him for the world 
mays mays
31-35, F
3 Responses Dec 2, 2006

I know what u mean, n I 2 love my boyfriend we been 2gether for 4 yrs now n it has been rough, n we have had r share of good n bad times n r ups n downs but I love him n wouldn't trade him 4 the world iether.

I too feel the same way. Men are different creatures, that's for sure.

I feel the same way!!!! That is such a good point to remember that they are men.