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Magick~(A Poem)

The candle burns
So mote it be
Fire in him
Flames in me

Ever burning
Popping bright
Our sighs together slash the night
He takes me in his arms to see
What his love has done to me

When he does
I want it all
His blood, his seed
His lust, his need

Earth and Rain
He keeps me sane
All his pleasure
I shall be
Ever Always
Three times three

Fiery hair and eyes of blue
My every wish
He DID come true

hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 56-60, F 7 Responses May 29, 2012

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This spell does work.

excellent....for 10 years old writer.You'd get c in 4th grade for this

Maj-You just don't know.,..

love this <3

I thank you mistylake, bless you.

Ms. Crone, that was an excellent. You are gifted in prose.

Thank You Dear King!

i love the way you write, your choice of words....<br />
so lovely~<br />
here's my silly question of the day though: what does it mean when you say so mote it be? ive heard you and others say that before and never quite knew what it meant?

To me it is just an old phrase for "So shall it be" or "So may it be" It is used much the same way a Christian would use "Amen" it is at the end of a prayer/spell/incantation/meditation~to "set" or "end" a ritual. :-)

A good word for it is an Affirmation...a declaration, or a closing.

i thought maybe that was it, but wasn't sure. thanks for answering that for me!~

I am an open book to you.....and thank you for your kind comments on this poem...huggles!

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loved it . . . thank for sharing . . . 8D

Thanks for reading this! Visit again please!

Thank You for reading...

Nice. Lucky lady.

Thanks! :-)

Visit anytime!