Because Of All The Things He's Done For Me.

My husband and I have been married for 2 years. Before our marriage we were in a long distance relationship for 8 years... 8 years is a very long time, but we held on to each other. Why? Why hold on to a relationship for that long, not touching each other, or even seeing each other for months? Because, we knew. We knew that if we did let go, no one would be able to complete the half that the other has already filled. So we held on. We didn't let go. Yes, we had our fights, and yes we did have our downs. However, we did have our highs as well. Now that he's here with me, all the things that he's done for me and will do for me for the rest of our lives is worth the 8 years of waiting. It's the love that he has given me that has brought light in my life. It is this light that has motivated me to be a better person, and motivate me to have a better future for not only me, but for him as well.

He's brought out the best in me.
LynEdma LynEdma
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:) Great!

Thanks for sharing! I wish you both love and light for your eternity together xxx