The One

My husband and I havent known each other for very long. We met in august of 2011, were engaged by september and married in november. People ask me why I dove in so quickly. Well, wen you kno hes THE ONE then whats the point in waiting?. We have been married almost a year and still havent had a fight yet. Sure we argue from time to time, but who doesnt? Also, we will b welcoming our little girl into the world in september. :)
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Congratulations,I am due in September also!

Thank you! I went to the hospital today, one of my best friends had her baby and as I heard that baby girl cry, it made me want MY baby girl that much more. I cant wait for september to get here. Ive had a few complications but nothing major. We pray that all goes well.

Yay! Have you thought of names yet? Xox

Congratulations to you all and I pray your baby is healthy and happy xxx