Still Crazy(4eachother)after All These Years

   I am married to my Best Friend, My Hero, My Earth Angel, My Better Half - my everything.  We are the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw of the neighborhood - Ofcourse, we don't have their money, but we're working on that (lol). Do we fight? Very rarely, but when we do, it's just a brief, passing thunderstorm - a reflection of the passion with which we live our Life together.   It's a constant adventure, a NeverEnding Story.  The longest we've ever gone without speaking is about 8hrs, and that's because he's at work and maybe his cell-phone is out of minutes.  When we do get "vexed" with eachother, it brings renewed understanding and appreciation of our Love.  We also understand that the Devil hates to see such an obnoxiously happy couple, nomatter what adventures he throws at us, we're laughing, smiling, holding hands.   After FIVE years, no end in sight to the honeymoon.  Most of the stress we undergo is rooted to financial problems - Ironically, when we fight, he always winds up giving me money and the car the next day to go shopping. And I wind up spending at least half of it on him.  I cannot begin to tell you the whole story of US, but it's tender, romantic, dramatic and comical - it's a modern day fairy tale, and I thank God every day to be living it.  Glad to finally discover there are other women who feel the same way about their hubbies. I'd love to hear from you! :)

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I wanna be like you in five years :)

Yeah, pre-paid service, tell me about it. Well I am glad you two are going strong. gives hope to others. You seem to have a good system going and as long as you are enjoying life that is what counts. It's so hard to do but as long as you work together, peace of cake. :)