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Ok, so we've only been married a month, but We have lived together for two years. Iam a newly wed and am madly in love with my husband. Ihave never met anyone who understands me as well as he does. Not to mention he keeps me laughing. I can't stand going to work because I hate being away from him. It's been like that  from day one!!
Rayne Rayne
22-25, F
2 Responses Apr 28, 2007

My respect to Dr. Wakina Love Temple who accepted and took me like daughter when I was stranded, His Love Temple gave me hope and much reason to believe in LOVE. He showed and proved to me that there is nothing bad getting back my Ex-boyfriend. I took it as a challenge to win back his heart (though he caused the breakup, but I still love him). Dr. Wakina read my heart and connected to Ex-boyfriend and found out that he still LOVES me but he is so distracted by other women before starting the work on us. I started sleeping and having good dreams immediately Dr. started the spell, I felt so much energy and boldness within me for the five days it took him to complete the spell. My respect goes to Dr. Wakina and family especially to his Daughter who keeps encouraging me personally on phone, she gave me good advices when I lost hope on process of the spell, I was expecting easy result, but good stuffs don’t just appear immediately without taking time to manifest. I got the result on the seventh day and we now understand LOVE and how to LOVE. We are not blinded anymore to recognize how beautiful our relationship is. Love is indeed beautiful and I am reunited with my soul mate with the help of one man and his beautiful family named Dr. Wakina via dr.wakinalovetemple@ Remain blessed Sir as you continue doing the good work that you are called for. From: MAURA CARL, NY-USA

That is wonderful i am soo happy for you i hope to one day have that kind of love in my life