Qualities Of A Good Husband

Someone asked me today what qualities to I seek in a man. I gave it a moment of thought and this is what I came up with:

I admire my husband, he is strong (and strict) when he needs to be. Gentle and a good listener with the children and I. A good leader putting God first, family second, career third. He does have a wonderful sense of humor.

He takes time to help others in need, be it a stranger or a neighbor.
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5 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Wonderful! Those are great qualities indeed! You are very blessed as I’m sure he is too. :)

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very nice
add me please thanks

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a good man deserves an good woman. a good woman deserves a good man. anything less? U R getting what U deserve.
U my dear truly are getting what U deserve. (u know what i mean)

Well put You honor your husband so nicely. I adore when a lady trumpets her man's value

Sounds like he must get a lot of support from a good woman. Good for both of you.

Awe thank you!

I agree . You must be a great wife . Who cares and listens to husband

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