Tingling Balls?

My husband and I are VERY close. Some would say my husband is an Empath. He can tap in and feel someone's feeling on a different level then most. He has never tried to practice this except with me. We are so connected all the time its almost scary. I don't know if he could do it for anyone else. He loves me so much, and I love him just as much.

When we are together we feed off each other's emotions. This is great when the emotions are good.... like being happy or excited or passion. Not so much fun when the feeling is sadness or frustration. Its a good thing we are generally happy all the time!

These feelings are also there when we are apart. When I am at home alone or with one of my friends and my husband is at work, he can feel what I am doing. If I am talking about sex to one of my EP friends or to one of my real life friends... he can feel it. He will text me or call me and ask.... "what are you doing? my balls are tingling again". He doesn't know how to describe the feeling... but he feels it. At first I thought he had found some way to spy on me. There is simply no way that he could know that I had just been talking to some guy about boobs.... BUT HE DOES! ... its pretty amazing. The mind is such a powerful thing!

In fact as I was looking through my groups to see which group would be fun to post a story about his tingling balls.... he sends me a text.... "I'm tingling".... How does he know? It happens every time. To the minute. It has happened so many times there is no way it could be called any type of coincidence. And there is no way he could be spying on me. First of all, he has no need to. I have never cheated and am only for him and he knows that. Second, there has been times that there's no way he would know unless he had a micro chip in my skin...lol

This feeling he gets also happens when ever I am sad or scared. He has found a way to connect with me not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. Its such an amazing feeling to know that my soul mate... my man... can feel what I am feeling. That if I ever need him I don't even have to ask... he just knows. I know that if I was ever hurt... he would feel it and be there. He is an amazing man and I am so thankful to have him.

Am I crazy? Has anyone else felt this in a relationship?
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very nice add me please thank you


wow...how amazing..i hope one day i can find that type of man for me....