He Has Become A Part Of Me.

My husband and I have been married for 34 years. Three decades and more yet I can still recall our wedding day as clearly as I can yesterday. He isn't perfect. Neither am I. He isn't causing George Clooney any undue concern with his looks but he is a very attractive man in my eyes. He has always been present for myself and our children. He is liked and respected by his friends and co workers. He is an average human to others. To me he is the very core and foundation of my own being. I believe I hold the same position to him as well. He has made our years of marriage an ongoing source of both strength and enjoyment. I have known many men in my years but none could wear his shoes or shine as gallantly in my eyes.
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its nice to read a happy story on marriage. not many any more. you are both very fortunate.

He is a very lucky man to havr a woman that loves him.... I am jelous....(not in a bad way) judt a longing for love....been married 20+ years and she loves me but she loves HERSELF more. Again you both aee very lucky

How wonderful that you’re both so close and have had all those years together. It is nice to hear about a long-term successful marriage. When it’s good, marriage can be amazing. I’m very happy for you both. :)

It has taken both effort and great patience at times but it certainly was well worth it. Thank you for your lovely reply.

Glad to read about a marriage that is working.

Thank you for reading and leaving this reply rgpc. We are an oddity among our peer group it seems.