You Are My Everything

I know there are a lot of people saying bad thing about my husband. But I never believe what they talking about. I believe that every people have the positive side and the negative side too. My world became colorfull and full with love since I found my love. I can laugh, I can feel sad, I can angry, I can smile, all because of you. My husband you are my everything. I can't breath without you, I can't live without you. I am very proud and happy to have you in my life.
azmya azmya
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 3, 2013

I'm so happy to read about your love for your husband. I hope your love for him is rising from the steam of your satisfaction with the way he takes care of the things you care about in your relationship. I'm also hoping you are looking out for the things he cares about in your relationship, which might not necessarily be the same as your things, and that you are handling them to his satisfaction not your. Then he too will burst out the same way you've wonderfully done in your article. I wish you lots and lots and lots of love, both of you.

Lovely my dear. Thank you for sharing