Rambling About Him

The first time I ever saw my husband we were 9yo. He was basically being a bully to everyone at the class, me included, so I decided he was an idiot and ignored him for lots of years to come. At 16 I noticed how much he had changed. He was still a bit annoying, always too loud and with lots of friends -while I was very low profiled- but he was very gentle with a bunch of kids everybody considered nerds. That brought my attention.
At 17 we became best friends. He had lots of female friends. That's typical of him, even now, btw (good I'm not a jealous kind). I started spending all my time with him.
The first time I was at his home, I was surprised at how wealthy his family was. He had never showed or said a thing about that. My family was wealthy too, but since my father was a self made man, I was taught from early childhood about the importance of remain simple. So, my appreciation to him grew even more. He was a sweet boy despite of his sarcasm and tough attitude. He was a great friend too. Still is.
My husband's eyes are magical to me. He melts me. I remember the first time it happened. We were laughing together and he suddenly looked at me and I felt such belonging and content I couldn't believe it!
Then during a excursion, he held my hand very tight for me to get on a boat. And that was it! Love and desire. I must have been intoxicated with oxitozin! I don't know... A few days later he formally asked me to be his girl and I said yes. Only then he gave me our first kiss. He's very formal, lol.
My husband is not hard to please. He's very kind. But there are things he just can't resist. He's quite an obsessive (till the point I'm almost sure I'm the only one who can keep him in his comfort zone).
He's very intellectual and a sort of a geek too. He's brilliant but he keeps loosing track of time (he's never been on time to anywhere), he sucks at organizing domestic chores and he's stubborn as hell.
He's overconfident. He speeds a lot (so do I... he taught me how to drive), he text and talk on the phone (again, so do I) and he doesn't care. Safety is not an issue to him at all... But he's afraid of spiders and can't stand the sight of me handling a knife in the kitchen, lol.
Apart from his eyes I especially love my husband's perfect smile and his smell!!!! He smells too good!!!! I could identify him just by his smell. I love it till the point I need to have some of his clothes to get to sleep while he's away.
Well, enough rambling, lol. I love the guy I could talk about him for hours. It's been 19 years since I became officially his girl and I still adore him just the same :)
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very nice
add me please

The best 19 years!
You bring me balance. You're the force that drives me!

I can't believe this!!!! It's you!!!!!!! I can't believe you actually wrote. Oh my... What a surprise. I love you. I LOVE you!!!

Ramble on!! It’s wonderful to hear about happiness like this. It’s cool how you have known each other for so long. I wish you many more wonderfully years together. :)

That is such a fantastic story anonimacy! You have literally known each other your whole lives!
I wish you all the very best for many years to come!!

Mine is easy to please, kind and a bit of a nerd. But he is brilliant at organising anything, punctilious, territorial and outrageously bossy. Tell a lie, he's not that easy to please. There are times when I could cheerfully rip his face off


It is so great how in love with him you are

Thanks :)

That's so sweet! I love that you're in love with your husband!! I'm happy for you!

Thanks ;)