What Do You Think?

I love my husband very much.. buttttt it's like sometimes we are from different planets... we laugh about it but then i go in the other room like omg... are we really that different.. when i first met him he was concerative.. i was NOT!! not i have changed a little and am a little more the soccermom type... buttt i am more wile and believe in things that he doesnt agree with... like we cant talk about polotics, god or morals... but we have a great friendship and a awsome sex life... He goes to work and busts his ***.. we have 5 children so i stay home and take care of them.. hes a awsome daddy and i try to be the best mom that i can be... sometimes.... though i feel that our differences will someday make us grow apart.. what do you think????

lifeafter lifeafter
26-30, F
Jun 2, 2007