Trying to Make Time For Eachother Now That We Have 2 Kids.

I really want to have naked time with my hub tonight. By the time we have the kids down, we'll probably both be so tired. I've really enjoyed him the last few days. He has been so affectionate. I can't wait til we can go on dates together again. I miss being able to go out to dinner and go to movies. If we could do it just once every two months, that would be so refreshing. I wish that we were able to celebrate anniversaries by staying at a hotel for the night. Someday, we will be able to. At our kids' ages, they don't understand that mommy and daddy need time together without them. One night, my hub and I were taking a candle-lit bubble bath together and then our daughter busted in and her eyes bugged and her jaw dropped and she started screaming. She was so mad that we were taking a bubble bath without her. She looked like she had been betrayed. It was so funny. We had to stop what we were doing and put her back to bed.
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3 Responses Jul 17, 2007

I trust that with summer now with you there will be a chance to seek out other families that have found how to share nudist recreation together. Your kids will adapt readily and surprise you with their eagerness to swim and play textile unencumbered and natural. Healthy nudism is a basis on which to build mutual understanding, love and fitness for life.

If you enjoy being naked, you should join a club with grounds and amenities that you caln all enjoy together as a family. Your children will find plenty of fun in a safe environment and adapt readily to your sense of fun and freedom in ways that are natural and wholesome.....

Find the time. It does not always have to be hours. Start taking some vitamins to give you energy or change your diet. Winter is around the corner and that gets us even more lazy. You were hoping to get a date night every so often. I say to you make it happen. It does not have to be an expensive place. If you can not afford a babysitter or can not find one then create a date atmosphere at your home. Dress up, play music, have dinner ordered in, lay the table like you were really out. Then have a lovely lingerie for later in the night, and the rest is history. You have to create excitement from what you have to work with......