My Husband Means the World to Me

I love my husband so much that it hurts hes not here since hes been deployed I feel like my heart is missing watching him walk away was the worst feeling Ive ever had just knowing that no matter what I said or did he had to leave but from that moment I promise never to take the moments I have with my husband for granted when you see someone everday you get use to it as a normal everyday thing but for me its so different I have to really appreciate  the time I have with him the day I met him he took my heart he is my best friend hes my everything I honestly dont know what Id do if GOD forbide something was to happen to him my husband is amazing and Im so proud to be his wife he always knows how to make me smile even when I dont want to hes always been there for me and even though hes far away I always know he loves me even if just calls to say "hey I cant talk long I just wanted to say I love you" Im so lucky to be with him and I know that we will be together forever

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2009

lol yeah I should he'll be so surprised he'll probably have to read it twice lol

LOL! all the more reason to send it! LOL! Surprise him!!

you think I always feel like I should but I worry that hell think Im being to mush (Im usually not lol)

~You should get some stationary and hand write word for word what you wrote here and send that to him!~<br />