And It's Not a Blind Love

I love my husband, he's been the only man in my life and will always be. Even if we are separated, I know I will never love anyone else.

But that doesn't blind me, I see all his fault, I sometimes hate the way he treats me, and I have considered divorcing him.

I love him, he knows it, but love does not rule my head.

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort
36-40, F
9 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Well spoken, totally agree with you

I agree that we can love without being blind. I have loved my husband much longer than he has loved me(stronger too I fear :-). I see him for all the faults that he has and some how, some way he is still in my heart. He does things that make me scream "HEY DUMB ***!" but, at the end of the night , he is still my warm fuzzy....

That's great. I feel proud whenever I find a similarity with you.

I love my Husband too! Hey LV....We have another thing in common!!


Well said, it's the heart that matters not a piece of paper

that is just like me.....I once told my husband..>When we were have a real bad time...That No matter whet....Until I was ready for it to change...that he would always be my husband....Even if a judge says different..He would always be my husband....Until I was ready to make it different...Might not be legal....But in my heart...He would always be mine

Thanks, you are a treasure

well you deserve to be treated well!!