My friend,  Myonis,  just wrote a sweet story about how her husband re-proposed to her.   She is getting married again.  Hooray for romance!

This got me to thinking about how much I love my husband.

And how long my husband and I have been married.


It is our anniversary.

And we both forgot.

Lilt Lilt
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Wow! What a wonderful thing to log on and see today, drawknife. I love your story. You would have thought checking out a fine *** would lead to 37 years together!<br />
Your "don't sweat the small stuff" attitude is so true. As someone once said to me,<br />
Do you want to be "right," or do you want to be happy?<br />
<br />
Thank you for dropping by and sharing the love.

hi Liltjust wanted to put my two cents beautiful wife and i will be married 33yrs come this July.we are together for 37yrs.we were boyfriend and girlfriend way back in another dimention of time. and i'm still madly IN love with her.and as much as it amazes me she still loves me.i fell in love with her the very moment i saw her in a wash and dry in 1974.always love telling the story,i was going out with friends that night and so went to the wash and dry just down the block from me in n.y.back in those days we had to make sure our jeans were skin tight.dopey,was'nt it?so,as i walked in the door i saw this absolutely devine *** and thought,hmm! and then she stood up to see who walked in.i saw her for the first time and just froze.she was then,as now,the most beautiful girl i'd ever seen.and that very moment i fell in love with her.went home after i'd finished and told my mother i met the girl i was going to marry.4yrs. later i did just that.over time what can happen at least in some marraiges is as that initial passion lessens some over the that other avenues open up.she is my wife,my lover,my adviser,and perhaps most importantly my very best friend.for that,i will always be thankful.something i want to tell all of the young kids who are married for 5or10yrs. don't worry so much about the nickel and dime stuff. we put everything in perspective.don't waste time being mad about some silly thing.that i think is the distinction between lovin' and being in love. i'm thankful every single day of my life for that.if anyone can get anything from this little note of mine,get is precious,time is a fleeting thing,don't waste any of it with silly little diatribes.there is no time for that.if you get mad walk away,take a breath then let it out,aahhh,then go back me it works well.i did precisely that once and today don't recall why i was mad though do remember walking back in and grabbing and making passionate love to my wife right then and there.somehow the reason we'd gotten mad in the first place did'nt seem that dramatically important anymore. love the time you have together,relish the time you have together.they are as my mom had said to me so long ago,fleeting moments.

Thank you so much, LordV. <br />
10 years is nothing to sneeze at, you are on your way!<br />
I hope you are doing all those things that sound silly,<br />
like "date-night" with Mr. V. Kids, work, life, all take a toll on a relationship. Taking care of each other is a priority.

Happy anniversary, Wow, 21 years, sounds great, I am 11 years behind. My parent will celebrate their 40th anniversary in a month.<br />
<br />
Wish you a lot of love and happiness<br />
<br />
love and hugs

Where? I can only feel um.

I can see um.

The visuals are funny unless the smacks aren't coming from swatting mosquitos. At least we don't get those nasty "no see ums" like we had in MS.

Good answer.<br />
That's why people have palms, to swat the mosquitos.<br />
This day is all about YOU!

I'm going to give everybody one of those hand held bug zappers. That would make a great video. Or maybe I'll roll up newspapers and give those out and spend the $125 on something important, like shoes.

Oh. Okay. I think I need one of those too. have... ZZZZZZZPT....and to...ZZZZZZZZPT....hold...ZZZZZZZZZPT...until...ZZZZZZZZPT....<br />

Myonis, I think the scent of "OFF" will go well with whatever you decide to wear.

Yep, Duchess...this group is insanely insane.<br />
It's those serious folks that scare me the most.<br />
And thank you for the love and warm wishes.<br />
eerrrrrr...It was a Doweger that reminded me of our anniversary, as well... o_O

oh, dear. You're right! I never considered that. How do you uninvite mosquitos?

Okay, listen up Martinelli. I have been giving this some thought. <br />
It really doesn't matter where you go. It's all just scenery .<br />
The idea is to get all cuddled up and close to your wife. <br />
I'm not saying scenery isn't a great big added bonus, that is fun stuff.<br />
Getting out of your usual element is the trick. That could be 5000 miles or 5 blocks. Myonis is getting married in her back yard and she is happy as a clematis. She's so giddy, she's not even thinking of the 220 mosquitos that are attending.<br />
<br />
I hope you get my drift...

Oh I vote for the Galapagos Islands!


Good answer, Martinelli!We did a big blow out last year for our 20th....6 days in Jamaica.It was our first trip without kids in 16 years.An escape is a very good thing :)

What a beautiful thought, dharshhyamal.<br />
I love it!

This shine of true love of 2soul

Wow, thank you so much. <br />
We both agreed that another 21 years is doable.

Well as usual, I'm a day late...Congrats Lilt. How did the baked chicken go over? I have 27 coming up in Sept, I think it's 27..wait I have to add, I mean subtract...yep, 27 years. God, I'm old. lol

Now that IS be so close that you don't even remember your anniversary! Congratulations -- I love stories like this one! :)

Lol--I don't find it hard that they both forgot. Everyone in my family--and we are all very close, forgot my birthday this year, except my x-husband. He called long distance from the other side of the continent to wish me happy birthday. He was crying--sorry about ---well lots of things. Love really is forever. :) gryfnn

Congratulations Lilt! And hopes for many more for ya!

Congratulations Lilt...........

It doesn't happen's a gradual thing. You just get up one morning, look in the mirror, and say "damn."

At what year of marriage do you turn into a green cute sock doll? I need to write it down and decide if I want to put it in my list of things to do before I die.

I didn't use to look like this, Speechless. This is what 21 years of marriage does to someone.<br />
<br />
Thanks, RW. You are sweet.

*giggles*<br />
You two make me smile. x

Thank you all.<br />
I am a very fortunate woman to have him in my life.

Happy Anniversary!!!!<br />
<br />
Good example to show the rest of us that it can happen.<br />
<br />
Mrs. M and I have been married 16+ years so it know that it can happen is great!!!

I'm thinkin' macaroni and know, comfortable food.

Yeah, I think Mondegreen is right. 21 years is baked salmon. Or curried monkfish. I can never remember.<br />
<br />
Happy anniversary, you two knuckleheads! :*

Too cute for words. You could at least go for baked salmon instead of chicken. HUGS and Congrats<br />
I decided to go with entertained.

Thanks ladies.<br />
Uh pajamas, huh?<br />
I thought is was the baked chicken anniversary.

Happy Comfortable Anniversary, Lilt. Twenty one years! That's the silk pajama anniversary, isn't it?

I am so damn envious .. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Myo, I was the one that remembered that we forgot!

Thank you Frito. <br />
That's kinda what my son said. That we must love each other enough all the other days.

Good one, Al... What was your excuse?

Yep, we really did forget. <br />
My dear sweet Mr. Lilt said he didn't forget our anniversary, he just forgot that today was June 24 :) :)

Happy Anniversary Lilt. <br />
21 years and you both forgot? Sounds like you're both pretty darn comfortable with each other. Congratulations.

Hmm .. did you both really forget??<br />
I find that hard to believe <br />
Well 'whatever' Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

NO WAY!!! You both forgot??? At least you're both airheads and one of you isn't sleeping on the couch tonight! Happy Anniversary. I would have brought a gift today had I known. (I wanted to click "entertained" but I went with "happy".)