He's the Best

My husband is one of the most amazing, kind, generous people I have ever met and he spoils me wrotten.  I have long hair and every night he brushes it out for me and braids it.  He brings me breakfast in bed, he cooks my favorite things.  It goes both ways, I try to do as much for him as I can, but he always takes my breath away.
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6 Responses Sep 23, 2006

You two are really lucky. Bless you.

id like to congraduate you because I have one of the most wonderful husbands in the world. I never knew it existed. I thought only the lucky or heavenly got "special" treatment. Well, in my life it was love at first sight. I have to admit I didnt think he thtink too much of me as beautiful as he looked. Then immediately he treated me like royalty! Of course I tried to reject his affection cus of my low self esteem and called it lust on my part. We've been together 20 months and married 13 months. Guess what??! He give me 100% no questions asked from bathing with me 5 times a day just to be close..lol He the most unselfish person Ive ever met. Since Ive met him Ive always wanted for everyone to experience a love like this. Id like for the world to know that love does exist and it is out there. I promise. Dont give up. Im truely blessed and hope to speak to God some day to ask what it was he was thinking.....lol. Thank the heavens when your angel comes to rescue you. And.......let the world know. I love you D.You are heaven on Earth.

Envy you ...

You are so lucky, and I am proud of you and especially because you return the love and affection back....<br />
Good for you....You must also be some special woman......

I hope you know how lucky you are. I would give anything for my husband to be like yours.

Good Luck! That what I need, you must be really special, I hope one day God Bless Me with a good man to do nice things for me.