My Husband Is Very Sensetive To What I'm Going Through.

My husband is the most wonderful, understandable, patient, and loving person, I have the great pleasure to have been married to for 19 years.  How could someone be in love with me, a person who hates herself, thinks she's fat and ugly.  My husband has stuck by me all these years even through my suicide attempt, I thank God everyday he was there to save me.  I promised him I would never let myself get so low as to try it again.  He never judges or critizes me or puts me down, (I do that myself).  I can see how I have hurt him with my depression the pain he has gone through.  And yet he is always there to listen to help  me through a problem.  My husband is an angel.

imstillhurting imstillhurting
46-50, F
Feb 28, 2010