New Experience

I have always been the type of person to think before i act, and sometimes find myself OVER THINKING and OVER ANALYZING situations before i act upon them. however when your faced with a situation that puzzles you, sometimes you dont know how to respond to them or you may even act in the wrong manner.

i think about how i take precaution and want to make the best decisions, but my family said "sometimes you have to make mistakes before you can successfully live life." everyone is not perfect. I was eighteen years old and new to the "dating game" allot of things i didn't understand, but i was warned about the different situations that would come to pass. i met my ex-boyfriend and immediately began to think that we would really be successful together in life. everything was perfect and i just knew that we would be together forever. i thought about US everyday/every night, and i would trade the feeling for nothing in the world. i would hear often that most young men aren't ready for a serious relationship at an early age and nothing is promised that young. but actions seemed some much different and the words that he spoke really mad me feel like he was an exception to this belief. well, i can say that he also was apart of the not ready crew (lol). we began to argue/fight every other day and i became very emotional when someone would ask "how are you and_____ doing?" i wasn't happy and wanted out of the relationship but it was so hard because i like many other young women in love planned my life around him. things became worse and when i began to realize i deserved better i left the relationship right where it was and started over.

the out come of the relationship made me bitter, and really put my guards up when it came to men. i wasn't allowing anyone get close to me out of fear that i would be hurt or it was a lie.this was until i met the man who i knew was the one for me, i let my guard down and enjoyed the many blessings of life that came with him. i can honestly say my "NEW EXPERIENCE" became my old lesson well learned!
moelove moelove
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010