Anger is just one letter away from danger .... its really true. It was one year ago that I faced this problem when I was quite upset with my work not going so well that annoyed me ...It led me into a big trouble. I was riding on bike - upset and angry when saw few police personnel checking on the road side for driving licences and registration of motor bike. It is usual a sight in India ... one police man stopped me and shouted aloud to show my papers. Actually, he almost abused me that made me mad and I shouted back on him to find all the officers now attacking me together. I wasn't afraid of the officers cause i knew all of them well and their superior knew me well too ..

My anger really brought me trouble from there when they asked for my papers. I showed all the papers but one paper was duplicate, so, now they got a chance to take my bike. Until, I show the original paper, they were not willing to release my bike and that made me sad. I called their superior but he too was in a meeting and could not possibly talk to his subordinates....

There was no chance but to give my bike to them and so, I returned to my flat in a taxi. After that, I really got busy as I went for a shoot for 15 days which is why collecting my bike from police station remained pending a task. When I finally went after 15 days to their superior, I showed the receipt given to me on that fateful day

There were many sections written on it against me that I was not travelling with a valid licence and papers which was a bluff. So, I showed my papers to him and after verifying them, he simply informed that the bike is not in the police station and has been sent to the Commissioner's officer ...

After that, I went to the Commissioner's office where again I was in a bigger trouble without originals as they weren't ready to hand over my bike. It took me a lot of efforts and after paying 600 bucks to someone in the office, I, finally could get back my bike.....there I learnt the lesson.

If I had remained cool with the officer, the matter would have ended peacefully and I would have not faced so many troubles. Hence, friends ~~~ DO NOT GET ANGRY.
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I love this : " Anger is just one letter away from danger "
" It is usual a sight in India ... one police man stopped me and shouted aloud to show my papers. " Wow, it is also usual a sight in Viet Nam too!

hmmmm ...yeah sometimes it will happens like this
thax for reading my post

I know how that is uhg they can make you get really upset for stupid stuff but stay cool :)

thax chinadolis

Yep, I totally agree!
I'm sorry you went through that!

You mentioned going to a 'shoot' are you a photographer?

im a film maker