Sylph Jr and I met Siri today.

Sylph Jr: How are, you Siri?
Siri: I am well.
Sylph Jr: Play, "Do you believe in magic"
Siri: Now playing... "Do you believe in magic"

*we both sing with the tune*

Sylph Jr: Do you believe in magic, Siri?
Siri: I am not certain. Let me look it up for you.
*pauses while searching... tune still playing*

Sylph Jr: Siri... call me, Handsome.
Siri: Okay, from now on, I'll call you Handsome.
Sylph Jr: Thank you, Siri.
Siri: You are welcome, Handsome.
Sylph Jr: I love you, Siri.
Siri: Oh. I bet you say that to all your Apple products.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
Aug 4, 2012