Love My Iphone, But Siri Is Rude

I may be the only one with an IPhone that has a SiRI attitude problem. It's not as seamless as commercials attempt to convey, but I've never been one to believe everything on TV or advertisements. Anyhow, I decided to have SIri call me "Girlfriend" each time it addresses me, and Siri responded, "I'm sorry, but I don't know you.". Ok, I can deal with this, so I added the contact "Girlfriend" without a phone number. Next, I asked Siri, "From now on, call me "Girlfriend". Siri responded, "From now on, I will call you, Girlfriend."

A few minutes later, with the assurance of one who had conquered the world, I said, "What's my name?" Siri quipped, "You said your name was Girlfriend, didn't you?" I'm like, "What the...?" "As much as I paid for this phone and you're going to give me attitude? I own you!" No response from Siri. Sigh...could I actually be arguing with my cell phone? So, folks, it's not that serious. If your phone gives you 'tude, just keep your cool. Peace.
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LOL...Loved it!!!

I am thinking this is a safe guess that this is the story you mailed me about earlier today.

Yep. :D

Well lets hope Siri doesn't choke from the ios7 update :D

Me: Siri do you like this new ios7 update?
Siri: {cough...sputter...} Please repeat..repeat...repeat..

So glad to hear that I am not the only one finding Siri very frustating. I want to believe that she isn't used to people speaking English with an accent! I find myself calling her names in both languages :)

It's unreal--arguing with a phone! The second time was after I failed to get a phone number to a business. I said, " You know what, Siri, you're worthless. Just stop talking to me!" Siri replied, "As you wish." I have discovered that you must speak slowly and distinctly. I can only manage to get her to play a song or send a text. That's about it. :D

I bet she's fun with Apple Maps and their blunders :).

I still have the old school iPhone 4, I've heard some good stories about Siri, I can't wait to meet her :). I just got my youngest a 4S, it was free of charge with a three year plan. She won't let me try out Siri :(.

I tried an Android phone for a week, what a piece of ****! Apparently Android phones require allot more setting up out of the box whereas iPhones are ready to go.

Other than Siri, which I barely use now, I find little difference between the 4 and the 4S. I had some major problems with Apple after they upgraded to the new software and I was disgusted beyond belief, but after my phone was replaced due to software corruption, all was right with the world.

My oldest daughter had the same problem. I thought an Apple phone with an Apple computer would be a great match...apparently not.
I think Apple is going to have a bit of a rough road without Steve Jobs.

I hear ya! When I went to the Apple Store last week regarding phone issues, I actually said, "I miss Steve Jobs" The rep replied, "Well, it's not the loss of Steve that's the problem. Things wern't perfect with Steve" I just thought, "Yeah, but I bet he wouldn't have rolled out a Retina display MacBook Pro that is officially dubbed as "The Least Repairable Laptop". No upgrades for that product. Battery goes out -- new computer. Upgrade to Ram -- new computer. The battery and the Ram are glued (soldered) in. Anyone buying a new Macbook Pro, I suggest purchasing the 2011 or earlier version.

It is funny, last week I walked onto an Apple store and for the first time nobody was there to help me. I looked at and tinkered with a few laptops for probably ten minutes before somebody actually asked if I needed help. Before they used to have a person or two actually meet you when you entered. The atmosphere seems different also.

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LOL that is really funny. But sorry, I will have to totally disagree with you. I've never owned an Apple product because of the lack of options and their 'I know what you want and you'll like it' attitude. They treat their clients like little children. From the 1 button mouse to the color pallet box of crayons, it is down right insulting. Even the "I'm a mac, I'm a PC" commercials people loved played a child's mobile music in the background so it would appeal to what they view as a simple minded audience.

They are not the big dog like most people think. Apple sold 180 million iPhones total. Samsung sold 300 million phones in 2011 alone. The i5 isn't even a better product and like usual, they only give you 1 phone at a time so take it or leave it and forget about a choice.

Yes, I do have some issues with Apple and their control issues; however, I simply believe the iPhone is the best I've ever owned. Too bad about the issues with version 5. Anyhow, I'm not one to purchase the first rollout until glitches are resolved. I'll be holding onto the 4S until it gasps its last breath or Apple rolls out a phone that can have dinner ready when I get home.

Nice! Congrats to you for keeping common sense about you when considering a product. Both in the value of the one you currently own and in understanding that the initial product can be a bit buggy. I'd like to note that none of my comments were taking a stab at Apple consumers. It is just the attitude of apple towards their consumers, software engineers and content providers that keeps me, for principal, away from them.

I spent most of my working life deal with computers. These days I choose to be "connected" as little as possible, as what tends to happen is that you do not own "Siri". "Siri" owns you...

Our reliance on computers is ridiculous. When the network goes down at work, everyone just falls apart.

Kid in stores dont know how to count change backwards! You tell a kid that it's quarter of two and you get a blank stare....