Me And My Iphone

Love is an understatement.

I'm addicted to it. I'm obsessed with it.

People I know would always comment that I'm holding it all the time. Forever texting. Incessantly listening to music. Always reading e-books. Continuously checking the calendar. Constantly calling.

It goes with me everywhere. In my coat pocket, jeans pocket. Even in the bathroom.

It's my alarm clock. It's my diary. It's my notepad. It's my camera.

Can't imagine myself now or tomorrow without it.

Why does technology do this to people? Once you get a taste of it, you're just hooked. I wake up to it. I sleep beside it. It's obsession at its worst. Seriously.

But I still love my iPhone. ;)

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
11 Responses Jan 19, 2010

Im posting from it right now. I really enjoy this phone. It does everything that I could want and then some.

Sweet! The extras are like those icing flowers on a cake. Because the whole iPhone is simply icing!

I can't wait to get my iPhone. I have been stuck with a droid for the last 2 years because Verizon didn't have the iPhone. I am now just 2 days away from getting one.

So... how are you liking your new iPhone, Poseidon? Isn't it the most awesome thing ever?

Oh, I use an extension cord. Seriously. It's plugged and waiting. ;)

I hear ya, LJ. I use my night table. :)<br />
Crazy, ay?

If i got an IPhone, I would have to have gotten, like, all A's throughout HS, not just one or two semesters :)<br />
<br />
Im stuck with some crappy, basic Verizon phone. Pressing a button 18 times to get the symbol i want, ftw. lol

I bet you would, you would. :)<br />
Your dad mght still change his mind. Go ask him again. ;)

lol, I prolly would text alot.<br />
<br />
My dad has a droid. It looks alot like the Iphone, the way it works anyway. He doesn't want to switch phone plans =/

The Droid, the Hero, iPhone...aaahhh...they are like your bestfriends, right, 2E? :)<br />
<br />
And yes, Jimmy, in the bathroom is a good thing. I listen to my music while I shower. That's all. ;)

And you didn't mention it allows us to take EP with us everywhere. Even to the bathroom. That's good and bad, I suppose.

That's okay, HT. At least you don't have monthly bills to pay.<br /> might end up texting or calling me. lol ;)

Lucky.. I want an IPhone. I have to settle with a Touch instead. :