Ipod Battery Problems

I'm pissed off and I need to vent so here it goes!

I have a Silver 160GB 7th generation iPod Classic I've had it for somewhere around 4 years now and I love it but now I think the battery needs to be replaced. It won't stay connected to the computer or itunes, will delete any new playlists I created when I connect it and then will eject itself and it doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to so I think the battery needs to be replaced. I just started having these problems this year.

To get a new battery I have to send it in to Apple, my town doesn't have an Apple store so I have to mail them my ipod. So I looked on their website and I found out that not only will all of my files on my ipod get erased but when I buy the new battery I'll also get a new ipod, as in they don't just replace the battery they replace the whole ipod, as in when you send in your ipod for battery replacement they will send you a new ipod that's like your old one with a new battery in it but doesn't have all of your files on it that's gone, it's empty so when you get it if your files backed up on your computer you have to put all that back on to your new ipod.

And that's what's ******* me off. I don't understand why they would send a new ipod & all the files would get erased and my old ipod thrown away. Why can't they just fix MY ipod and send it back to me with all my files still on there? Cause the battery shouldn't have anything to do with the hard drive right?! So They basically don't even fix the battery in your ipod they just erase all the files on your ipod, throw it away and send you a new ipod that looks like your old ipod and is the same model as your old ipod minus your files with a new battery in it . Does that make any sense to anyone?! Cause it doesn't to me! To me that doesn't make sense and it's not right!

See I don't have a back up for the stuff on my ipod because the hard drive on my computer was completely filled up because I do alot of stuff & download alot of stuff on the computer I didn't have the money to put it in the shop and get a bigger hard drive put in or buy a separate portable hard drive so my only choice was to delete some stuff I had on my computer that I didn't want to delete. I deleted pictures, videos, e-books, music and I uninstalled some games and software all to make more room and it worked I got more room. But some of the stuff that I deleted was stuff that I have on my ipod. Everything that I have on my ipod right now I had to delete off of my computer to make room on my computer's hard drive I didn't have a choice i had to do it and again it worked I got more room.

So there's one of my main problems with sending my ipod to apple if they send me a new ipod then my files are gone. My ipod is almost completely filled up with music and videos so if I get a new ipod or Apple sends me a new one then I have to re-download all of that crap (****!) and some of that stuff was damn hard to find and some of it I had to download as torrents because they're either not available here in the U.S. or I just don't have the money to buy them.

So I've decided that since I'm gonna have to re-download everything anyway and they're just gonna send me a new one anyway I''m just gonna buy a new ipod, same kind only in black instead of silver cause i'm getting tired of silver. I'll just do that instead of sending mine in when they're just gonna throw it away and send me a new one anyway I can do that myself.

What also sucks is that our internet has been off for the last 3 or 4 1/2 months due to unpaid bills and we just got it back on in November and I'm still trying to catch up on everything that I missed including new music by my favorite singers that was released during the time that we didn't have internet that I want to download and put on my ipod badly but can't because my ipod won't stay connected to the computer and itunes and I can't download anything anyway until we update the Antivirus software and that won't happen until later this month or January when we'll have the money to get it and I can't get a new ipod until January. So yeah I'm pretty much stuck until January/February 2013 (damn it!).

Here is a link to the Support section of their website. Click on battery replacement then click on Will the data on my ipod be preserved? then click on How long will it take to recieve my replacement ipod?:


There now I've vented, I feel better now, you can all now go back to what you were doing. Thank you .

Update: I've decided to wait until 2014 to get a new ipod because there's other things that I want to get in 2013. I think my ipod will be fine until then.
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Same thing happenned to me I gad 6000 songs and the guy at apple told me to look on YouTube and I was able to save everything but the only downside was not all the covers came back Nd I had to put them back on

I realize that your post is half a year old now, but I'm hoping that this might still help you. The solution to your problem is really simple: Don't send your iPod to Apple. There are plenty of reliable third parties who will repair your iPod without wiping your data. I can send you more information upon request, or you can just look for "iPod Classic Repair Service" on Google.

One caveat: If the hard drive in your iPod Classic is damaged, some of your files may be lost. Many of the third party repair centers will try to recover as much of the data as they can, but occasionally it's just not possible to salvage certain files.