I Love My Ipod Classic

I have a Silver 160GB 7th Generation Ipod Classic. I've had it for somewhere around 4 years now I guess and I love it, it has all of my favorite music and videos on it and I listen to it and watch it all the time. The features that I love the most are that it can hold up to 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video and 25,000 photos or any combination of the 3 but I only use it for music and videos and I have these great pair of black Rocketfish ear buds to go with it (the ear buds that came with the ipod finally died on me after a long time of frequent use so I got another pair).

Music: I've got pop, pop rock, rock, metal, country, classical, industrial, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a little old school, some hip-hop and R&B (I'm not big fan of either but there are some that I like), t.A.T.u., korean pop, japanese pop, tv and movie soundtracks, computer game soundtracks, songs that were in anime, some Disney songs, some non-Disney childrens songs, some songs from KERA PBS Kids shows, 1 audio book, some Diplo, MC Yogi, Wendy Rule, The Green Children, Tegan & Sara, Swedish House Mafia, Blazer Force, and Cirque du Soleil soundtracks. I'm all over the board with my music tastes and my ipod can hold it all and I love that.

Videos: I've got Courage The Cowardly Dog episodes, anime-Ghost Hunt; 1st season of Vampire Knight; Kakurenbo and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette, music videos, Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes, Emilie Autumn concerts, Hilary Duff concerts, commercials that I really like, Lizzie McGuire episodes, Michael Jackson's Ghosts music video/mini movie, The Most Evil Women in History documentary, movies, asian horror movies, video game trailers, t.A.T.u. concerts; music videos and making of videos.

Yes I have alot of stuff on my ipod classic and I've still got alot of room left to put more and that's why I love it, it looks good and it has tons of space which is great for people like me who really love music and have a huge music collection. It defines me, very eclectic and I honestly think that I am in love with my ipod. But unfortunately it's time has come to an end because I have to buy a new ipod classic, this time in black (because I'm kinda tired of silver) due to problems that I'm having with my current silver one, see my story Ipod Battery Problems for details:
EP Link

I will miss my silver ipod classic but I'll love my new black one.
RealMarie27 RealMarie27
26-30, F
Dec 11, 2012