Iggy, Iggy, Nice and Pretty

We have an Iggy named Mr. Hankie. He is the best dog. True to the fact that Iggies are hard to house train, Mr. Hankie was hard to train too. We named him Blackjack when we got him at 6 months old. He has owned us since. We changed his name to Mr. Hankie (the Christmas Poop from South Park) because he was so hard to housebreak. He finally came around at about a year and he never had a problem again.  We rescued a sweet Iggy we called MissisSissy a couple of years ago from a puppy mill rescue group. Poor thing was so skittish. She had lost most of her teeth and her little tongue used to hang out when she was tired. She always had a raspberry! We loved her so much! She was a tiny little baby, only 8 lbs. When we got her, her back was arched from being stuck in a cage. She really filled out, thrived well and grew into our family, we loved her and she loved us and Mr. Hankie. Sadly, she died in the spring and I've been mourning her ever since. I am crying as I type this. Mr Hankie is our little lap dog, he sleeps with us and he misses MissisSissy too. He is our constant companion who dances for his treats! He really has us wrapped around his little paw!

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Hey Bob, are you going to get Gracie back soon? I know you miss her terribly! I can't imagine being without Mr. Hankie!<br />
He is right there with one of us at all times!

You know what else cracks me up? When he jumps up to knock on the door, he goes in a circle and knocks again. It's kind of like how they dance for treats. Mr. Hankie knows how to work the system here. All someone has to say is "Bickie" and he jumps up and starts the dance all the way to the kitchen to get his biscuit! He is very picky about his food and treats! Only soft ones will do for His Highness!

those are both great names! i'm very sorry for the loss of one.<br />
<br />
and i totally know what you mean about the dances for treats. my dog is the exact same way! we're her puppets, and she knows how to play us perfectly, lol!

They really are. They are very loving and loyal buddies! We are hoping to rescue another little girl Iggy

they say they are very sweet dogs1