15 Reasons To Love A Jeep

1. All the benefits of a truck, but no one asks me to help them move.

2. Low end torque + Manual Transmission = edging out the pretty boy in the sports car at the light.

3. Compact car parking, compact car turning radius, steel tub body and roll bar cage.

4. Feeling like a kid in a go-cart any day you want.

5. Flat as a board windshield, just about the cheapest to replace.

6. Two words, Sound Bar.

7. When my doors are off and someone takes up two parking spots because they don’t want their ‘83 Honda scratched, I can still fit in the spot without perpetuating the cycle.

8. Parts are cheap, REAL cheap.

9. All the benefits of a convertible, minus the mid-life crisis.

10. Two people have run into me on the road, both of them in cars; damage to the jeep? None.

11. More aftermarket parts than bruises on a ********.

12. Have you seen the middle console? You can stash Rhode Island, and still have room left over.

13. I have never called a lock smith when I lock my keys in the Jeep.

14. Cops seem to assume the Jeep isn’t speeding and pull over the car I’m trying to pass on the right.

15. Still shade-tree mechanic friendly!
VaquerosTres VaquerosTres
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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I bought my first Jeep just over a year ago and so far I can personally attest to 12 of your 15. :-)<br />
<br />
Hoping I'll just be able to take your word on #10, but I have no doubt about it.<br />
<br />
#11 however is proving my brother-in-law (also a Jeep owner) right about Just-Endorse-Every-Paycheck. Does every woman who drives a Jeep prefer Quadratec over Cosmo?

The Jeep is indeed ******* awesome.