I Work For The Park Service!

I live in a cabin in the mountains, I hike, backpack or snowshoe for a living. I work 10-hour days so I get more days off than people who work 8-hour days. I spend my days off visiting hot springs, rock climbing, eating good food with good friends. I love my life!
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2 Responses Nov 23, 2010

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to break into the Park Service. I was in school when I started, and was able to volunteer my first season, which is how a lot of people get their foot in the door. It is definitely hard to get a paid position in the Parks (especially the popular parks) without some experience in Federal resource work (Forest Service, BLM, etc). Having a masters or extensive field work in some other job helps a lot. Good luck to you!

I want to do this.. how did you get into it?