Yes Its True....

I have lots of friends in jobs that they hate....and i think to myself, how do people do that? Dont get me wrong, some days i leave my workplace and i am annoyed, or upset, angered, etc etc....but when i walk in the door that morning, i donot think ''god i dont want to be here''. I work with people who depend on me. I have to give a **** for want of a better expression. That aside i do love my work...(disability nurse btw lol). i work with people on there good days and there bad, i help them to live their lives and be as independant as they can be. I laugh with them, comfort them, assist them where they need assistance, and allow them autonomy where it is appropriate and ethically correct...Aaagh.I love my work!!
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1 Response Apr 19, 2011

You must be a strong person. I don't know that I could stand seeing people that I like in that much pain.