The Best Years Of My Life Was When I Was Driving Over The Road

many years of driving truck

H i my name is Bob i would like to tell about my truck driving years which lasted about 34 years yea! that's what i said 34 years on the road. i started driving truck in 1970 when i was young back in them days the old trucks did not have air conditioners if you think it's hot in a car with out a air conditioner try driving a truck man that's hot! Anyway i stared out driving local runs in the Sacramento Ca area hulling steel coils from Sacramento Ca to Los Angeles Ca with two 27 ft flat bed trailers over the grape vine hill. most trucks in those days did not have engine brakes so you really had to make sure you brakes were adjusted i always pulled over at the top of the hill  and made sure they were adjusted! If you loose your brakes going down a step hill you are in for the ride of your life so "hold on" So for all you so called supper truckers out there please take my advise and check your brakes it don't take that long and you will save a lot of lives out there plus your own!  After running the 11 western states i decided it's time to run across the USA so i became a long hall trucker. i have been to almost every sate in the USA. with the newer trucks it is a lot easier driving now i love driving truck i got to see a lot of different sites that most people will not get to see in there lifetime now i did miss a lot of christmas and thanksgiving on the road the road but it was worth it i made pretty good money. after the 34 years of driving i had over two million miles of driving time and that's a lot of miles but i would do all over again if i could. Now i'm retired and loving it i get to do more of my oil paintings now! Also got back into playing my drums have my own country rock band visit our website at Also have two other website one is and the other is http://www.youreasydirectory.comnow all of you young men and woman that want to start driving trucks i say go for it it's a good living and it's a lot of fun so that's mt story and i'm sticking to it "God Bless you all!" your friend Bob!

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61-65, M
Sep 15, 2011