I've Had Jobs I Hated And...

Well, put it this way... if I don't do what I love to do or, at least, what I feel is of value to me and/or society, and I find myself forced to do something I hate - 

Next time, Hang Me!

I truly believe if you want to be happy you have to do the things you love. 

For 4 years I worked as  licensed, third party - proposition player (blacjacks)...

Fun job but as I watched people gamble their lives away on a daily... I couldn't take it anymore - I felt guilty as if I was taking their money from the mouths of their children.

But, now that I do something positive where I can help society, help end monopolies and bring a sense of fairness in the industry I work in I feel as if I'm part of something that's more great than a big check! 

Of course, the money is good and getting better but it's something I'd do for free.  And, that's worth all the 100 dollar chips in the casino!

ThatCaliGuy ThatCaliGuy
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2012

I know how you feel! I used to work for law firms that dealt with big business mergers and the like... hated it... eventually switched to being a teaching assistant for special needs kids. Never looked back!

You're obviously a caring person with a big heart. Glad you have found something you love to do.