I Used to Mean This Sincerely

I just love my job these days... Growing up I knew exactly what I wanted to be and I knew what company I wanted to work for.  I succeeded in making my dream come true because I now work for that company and have for over 15 years.  I sincerely loved my job up until 3 months ago when I got a new boss.  Used to be I didn't mind the 70 to 80 hours a week.  I didn't mind missing some holidays for my dream.  I didn't mind that i worked weekends and late into the night with little compensation for these extra hours.  I did it because it meant something and because it was my dream.  That has ALL changed.  It is hard to get enthused about a job when you have someone standing over you every second of your work day wanting to know what you are doing with every moment and every penny.  It is hard when you spend many hours on a proposal only to be shot down in the last minute.  Go back to the drawing board only to have the person decide the original proposal was the one they want to go with.  This is especially hard when you are used to making those decisions for yourself and not having to "get permission" for everything you do.  So I just love my job now has a sarcastic tone in fungirl's voice when she says this.

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4 Responses May 25, 2008

I work as a contractor for several companies and I love my boss, ME! LOL

It sucks how one person can ruin it for you. Hope you get a better boss soon.

This was the beginning of the end for me. All prominently posted.

Oh I feel valued as an an employee because I have madeit through a total of 13 lay offs since I began. Thanks for the advice.