Personal Training Is So Fulfilling

I was 22 and my son had just started Kindergarten. I had been working part time retail jobs while my son was little but now I wanted a full time job again. Through a friend of mine I got a position as a department store area sales manager. The pay was ridiculously awesome, especially for somebody with only a high school education. That’s when my life went on a downward spiral. Even though I was in charge of my department, I ended up doing all of the grunt work. Moving racks, folding shirts, scanning items, stuff I did not care to be doing. On top of that, I was working 70+ hours each week and would sometimes be at the store from before it opened until after close. Since the managers had to be there at 7am every day, I got up at 4:30 every morning, went to the gym from 5-6:30 and then went straight to work. I was basically not seeing my husband or son at all. Then I got pregnant again and the schedule really took its toll. I was exhausted and pissed off all the time and dreaded every single day. I stayed at the job for seven months before quitting to have my second child. Right after she was born, I went into panic mode. My husband and I couldn’t get by without me working. I started to search for jobs and was horribly discouraged when no one would hire me. I only had a high school education and limited retail experience. On a whim, I called a personal training studio in the area to see if they were hiring. After talking to the owner over the phone about my fitness background -I had taught dance and cheerleading for 4 years and had a personal trainer of my own on and off for about 3- she invited me in for an interview and I was hired on the spot. I wasn’t certified and needed to obtain certification and personal liability insurance before I could start working. Many gyms only take certain certifications like AFAA, ACE and NASM. Since I had a pretty body from training on my own and working with personal trainers plus my background in cheer and dance (and had lost a lot of weight and gotten back in shape quickly after each kid, which always makes for a good success story for potential clients) the owners said that I could get an online certification because I would be able to start working sooner. I do NOT recommend online certifications by the way. I have since gone back and taken the appropriate training and classes to get actual certifications. Anyway, I finished the online test within an hour, turned it in, got the flawless results back and was a certified personal trainer. I started work at the training studio that week. The place was a joke. None of the trainers were good, myself included. Everybody looked good and was in great shape but nobody knew how to teach others. I love the pay and the hours though. It was great to work my own schedule and I really like working with the clients. Over the next year I got some legitimate certifications and switched to a much better gym. I love it. Every time I train or teach someone, I’m responsible for keeping them safe during their workout and can have a dramatic positive or negative effect on the future of their fitness. I could scar someone from ever getting on a spin bike again or instill fear of the weight room forever. It’s not a responsibility that I take lightly and I have to be 100% focused every time I put my teaching or training shoes on. One distraction and someone could be injured. After I train someone or teach a class, I feel so satisfied and it can definitely be a picker-upper to know you’re helping someone to live longer and healthier life. There is nothing better than working for somebody for 6 months and seeing the way their personality transforms as their body transforms. It is like watching a flower bloom.
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