I Found My Dream Job

I've wanted to be a web designer since the fifth grade, and my dream is finally coming true. I'm interning at a web design firm that's a 10 minute walk from my apartment in Manhattan. They're amazing. We keep up with the latest standards in web design and everything they do is high quality, from the design to the development to client relations. We have meetings every Monday to share cool things we've found on the web, or to share new knowledge and techniques. My co-workers encourage me to learn and my supervisors push me to be a better designer. I've only been interning for two weeks but I've become such a better designer already!

Everybody is super helpful; it seems like they're almost over-excited to answer my questions. Once I ask something, they come over to my desk voluntarily, just to show me how to do something and give me extra tips. They also make me feel like a valued member of a team and not "just" an intern. It's like we're a big family; everybody has inside jokes with each other and we get along really well.

Lunch and healthy, organic snacks are free every day, and we get a delicious "office-cooked" meal once a week. The design a stop client productions just to have a fun, internal "hackathon" every now and then. Everybody is passionate about what they're doing and seems to love the job; they all want to do the best they can even if they don't get paid extra for it. We have a ping pong table that we challenge each other on every day, and we have all-expenses-paid group outings every week just for team bonding.

I seriously love love love working here, and I hope they hire me at the end of my summer internship!katie
katieful katieful
Jun 17, 2012