Pediatric Occupational Therapist Assistant

I work with children with all sorts of disabilities and I love it!  I especially love working with autistic kids and children with Down Sydrome.  The facility I work in is non-profit and small and the people I work with are wonderful.  It's a fun place to work.

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Hi Auxarcs, I am considering going to school for OT or OTA. can you tell me a little more about what you do on a day to day basis? Thanks!

I am also. I worked in a pediatric outpatient clinic at first, now in the school system. I love love love the clinic athmosphere and looking to get back there. The school system isn't bad, just want to get to the outpatient clinic if I can. Any openings by you?

That is awesome, you must help out a lot of kids to love what you are doing =)

it takes a special person to do what we do, I'm in special ed also. We are so grateful for our OT's and the job that you do! Down's is one of my favorites to work with too, there is just something so sweet about them.