I love the Mondays, as it gets me back in to the groove. I love my job and do consider it to be a part of me. Being single again, gives me the time to spend longer hours at work to ensure that I am able to cope with the workload. I pop in to work on a Saturday too, for a few hours. It is just a 3 minute drive from home. I hate to work from home. Being at home allows me to spend some time tending to my garden and my Koi pond. Work is always completed and done in office. I like the pace and dynamics of my job which varies from administration, finance, audit, compliance and negotiations with suppliers and contractors.
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It's really great that you love your job! your lucky. very few people wake up happy on monday :P

I do come in early to work on Mondays. I suppose if you love something then you will not shy away from it. There are the days I am too tired may be due to a very late night (morning), which is quite different though. Yes I may be considered fortunate, but I generally was one who did not take on a job that was going to have me pegged down to just routine work. You need to have the support of the MD (CEO) too. Critical. Thank you for your comments Maia.

You love your job, great, not many people have job satisfaction. I loved my job just not the people there.

oh the people. Well, I tend to leave gap for some instead of a margin. Tell me about people. They do not even want to know you when they know that you like the job. Being a small company, the duties are varied and that is what gives me job satisfaction. If we do not have any problems we may become too complacent. Try leaving a huge GAP for some, Pixel. Hope it works. tc.