Jus Got Promoted

I got my first job a year and three months ago. Since then, it's taught me a lot of valuable stuff, arguably more than school. Not saying school is important... I just haven't learned a whole lot of life lessons or even a lot of things I'm gonna use often beyond the classroom. I got the job 3 months after turning 16. I was shy and scared. I thought id only be working for the summer. How wrong I was. I forgot to mention I work at Sonic Drive Inn. Its also worth mentioning I live in the fattest state and Sonic is the only fast food restaurant in our small town of about three thousand people. Well, if you don't count Wards. I've learned so much while working here. Ive worked in one hundred degree weather, harsh rain, and freezing temperatures. I've had my patience tested for sure. This is just a little tip. If you wanna know if a fast food place has something or how much is costs or you're unsure of what you want... You can look at the menu. Lol. It's there for a reason. I've had to carry huge amounts of food to fat people. It doesn't sound too hard but on some days you really just wanna take the food inside and go fix them a salad. I just recently got a promotion and I'm doing good in that. I got a nice pay raise and I'm learning new leadership skills. One of the most recent and negative things I've learned is that you gotta watch your money. A con artist came through town and tried to con a lot of people. I was one of them. I had to pay for his order from my pocket and we're pressing charges. But this job has been a wonerful experience. My parents don't pay for much of any of my stuff anymore and I now have two best friends I work with. I know that after I go to college and get a more serious job that ill really appreciate already having a few skills and work experience.
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Aug 3, 2012