My Job Is In Love With Me........

They say the best opportunities in life find you, and you do not find them. This is how I feel about my job.

I wasn't looking for it. Nor did I ever expect to be so happy, so fulfilled, and content within an establishment.

It is almost as if there is a kinship. That this position, is MY position and that it was MADE for ME.

It found me at a time that I needed it the most. Not needing it in a way of starving for a paycheck, but at a time when my soul was thirsty.

My body aching and yearning for a place to fit. A place to belong. In a realm where I have wings where I can fly as high as my dreams and aspirations will take me.

It feels good to finally be recognized for more than what I can do, but for WHO I am. To be embraced so closely within a team, that it feels more than a family.


Something that lacks in my life.

People who respect me, and acknowledge me for my talent, skills, and unique abilities.


I have found my place.

My niche.

Or rather...

It has found ME.

twistedgemini twistedgemini
31-35, F
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