I Love My Job Because....

'I love my job because ...I feel that I am doing an important job and I am being appreciated for that. I like the nature of my job, my peers and the overall environment.I am encouraged to be creative and allowed a great amount of freedom.I have the freedom to perform my job duties without being 'watched over' on a daily basis.I feel that upper and senior management really care about the people who work for the company.I enjoy the professionalism of the company and the personalities of the people I work with.I can work hard and be appreciated for it.I love to come to work everyday.I love my job because everyone gets along extremely well and gossip is virtually non-existent. We are provided great food, super management personnel, good benefits and pay, wrapped up by the most pleasant and caring, real and sincere owners.The work is challenging and often difficult, but also very rewarding. It allows you to use both my heart and my head.
and finally.....my company Chairman/President likes me more than others and believes what I do is best to my knowledge and updated technology with ease.
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Hey, I didn't catch what your job is? I'm looking to change careers..man I need to find a job where I can have the same definition and feeling about it as you do yours! Thanks for posting!

such a nice job for you!
tho my career is based on my passion- I still want to have d working environment just like yours.
unlike yours, Im working on a floor where gossips are everywhere nd spread by fake people. Being supervise all d time nd not encourage to perform ur job duties on ur own. And most of d time ur being judge on ur skin, d way u walk, talk nd etc.

yes, it happens in quite a few organisation where gossips are often and this is really takes away the performance of hard working people.

Amazing post and...dream job!!!! Good for you!

thank you.

Sounds like things are pretty much going your way! Good for you! Good luck in keeping things going right, too,. :-)

thank you:)

Wow you are lucky. A company where gossip does not exist? You've found yourself a dream job :)

thank you.
well after work,we friends have ample time for gossip...lol.