Is It Possible To Be In Love With A Job You Haven't Got?

I think it is possible. I can't quite say I love my job yet because I haven't really got a 'real' one. For now, I am a part-time writer for a blog, earning a very small income. Still, I am thankful to the Internet for providing people like me, who aren't made to fit into the traditional working system, with jobs that do not require much dealing with people and heavy stress.

Well, why do I join this group anyway? I dream of writing my way to a larger audience. My intention is to provide support and empowerment to people who needs a little help and push to get out of the dark holes. I was once in the same position and I have walked out of it. If I can do this, many can as well.

This part-time job I have now serves as a great opportunity for me to polish up my writings. I am thankful for it. My focus now is to sharpen my writing skills (it's still pretty simplified at the moment) and just keep writing away until I reach my goals. I do visualizations and self-affirmations everyday. These put me in a position where I am truly happy and feel blessed, knowing that my goals are to be achieved soon.
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Sep 25, 2012